сряда, 8 февруари 2012 г.

New Video: Maverik Sabre - No one

Maverick Sabre can be seen performing in a strip club in the new video for his single 'No One' - you can watch it below.
The Hackney-via-London soul singer performs his song in a lowly-lit strip club, whilst trying to catch the eye of one of the dancers. You can watch the video below.

събота, 27 август 2011 г.

New Tune: Frank Ocean - Best Seller

Odd Future’s R&B sensation Frank Ocean does it again with “Best Seller”. The combination of his songwriting skills as well as his gifted voice provide the quintessential mix.

New Tune: Tyga & Travis Porter – Ayy Ladies

Tyga and Travis Porter come together to make a music to shake it to. Both talented young individuals doing their thing.

‘Aaliyah : One In A Million’- BET Special

In remembrance of Aaliyah’s untimely passing a decade ago, BET has aired a special honoring the late songbird, documenting her meteoric rise to fame and her tragic passing.

With commentary from some of her closest confidants, the special also features footage from a number of her videos, which include ‘Rock The Boat‘ and the now iconic ‘One In A Million‘. Watch below…

New Tune: Jason Derulo - That's My Shhh

Not long after the release of his well received single ‘It Girl‘, a brand spanking new effort from Jason Derulo has surfaced in support of his LP ‘Future History‘. Check it out below:

New Tune: Frank Ocean – Try

Here we go with a unreleased Frank Ocean track. Supposedly this is another old demo produced by Midi Mafia. Nostalgia/LITE coming soon,. Enjoy!

петък, 26 август 2011 г.

New Video: Rihanna - Cheers (Drink To That)

Rihanna finally released the video for her 7th single, Cheers, off of Loud! The video shows personal footage from her tour with lots of booze and partying. Avril Lavigne, whose I'm With You is sampled in the song, also makes a small cameo.