четвъртък, 25 август 2011 г.

Lil Wayne's "The Carter IV" is out!

The Carter IV is out. Unofficially. And if illegal downloads counted toward moved units, there's a very good chance its headed toward gold at this very moment.
Speaking of gold status, Watch The Throne recently earned a gold plaque -- nearly two weeks after its release. Considering there was no leak up to the night of its release, many expected it would sell alot more, alot sooner.
Which leads to our question of the day: Considering that The Carter 3 hit plat in a week despite a massive leak, is there still a chance Wayne's latest album could commercially crush the Jay-Z/Kanye project?
The Carter IV has an impressive list of guest features, a wide range of producers and the legacy of the Carter series on its side. While the hype can't compare to WTT, positive word of mouth following the leak may help push it past gold within the first week. Below you can hear two of the tunes off the album: 

Lil Wayne - Two Shots

Lil wayne - Blunt Blowin'

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